So What is FAFAA?

FAFAA– First Aid For Asthma Attacks, is a holistic based integrative protocol that teaches You what to do while waiting for medical attention, when an asthmatic is having an attack, even if the asthmatic has no available medication.
FAFAA, the ‘CPR’ for asthma attacks, is an ONLINE TRAINING CERTIFICATION COURSE offered in two levels—level one and level two.

Level one is basic training that reinforces the information shown in the FAFAA video. Level one training contains a 3 step protocol that provides You with the skills and knowledge required to be able to assist an asthmatic having an attack, even if the asthmatic has no inhaler.

Level one comes with a certificate acknowledging that You took the level one FAFAA training and are qualified to assist an asthmatic having an attack.

The level two training includes all of the information from level one, and in addition, to enrich Your depth of knowledge and skills, it provides the holistic protocols for asthma management and prevention for both adults and children.

The level two course is first followed by an exam and then the ‘FAFAA Trainer Certificate’. A Level two FAFAA trainer is qualified to train and certify students for level one.

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