First Aid For Asthma Attacks Store

First Aid For Asthma Attacks Store

Golden Wings, A Holistic Approach to Managing Asthma

“Golden Wings… “ The foundation for the FAFAA Protocol, offers the lay person or health professional, an integrated holistic based approach to the management of asthma attacks. The book provides the reader with practical insights and holistic techniques in preventing and decreasing the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.

Golden Wings, Holistic Approach to Managing Asthma (196 pages, soft cover)

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Yocheved has done an excellent job of integrating natural western medicine in the treatment of asthma. She weaves together diet, exercise, reflexology, massage, herbs and pharmaceutical medications into a recipe for health that is easy to understand. While symptoms are alleviated, a deeper healing is allowed to occur-offering those with asthma an opportunity to experience real health.

Tieraona Low Dog MD, AHG

Founder of the Treehouse Clinic of Natural Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Faculty, Department of Medicine, Columbia University

“Yocheved Bat-Imedt presents an Important work that not only will help to increase the awareness of asthma but provides, in parallel, radically different approaches to prevention and management without abandoning proven traditional techniques.”

Joseph A. Tyndall, M.D., Emergency Medicine


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Holistic Preventive Asthma Control/Reflexology Chart (Adult)
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Asthma Herbal Extract contain herbs in liquid form to support and promote a strong respiratory system. Use a dropper to add the recommended number of drops to small amount of water and take as recommended. Bottles are 8 and should last at least 4 months.

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