Can You See The Importance Of Learning FAFAA The ‘CPR’ For Asthma Attacks?

With this knowledge and an invaluable skill at Your fingertips, You won’t have to go into a panic mode. Knowledge of FAFAA empowers You and puts You in a position to offer real help and assurance to the asthmatic.
I know You can see the importance of learning FAFAA.
And just think of the people standing around watching what You are doing, knowing THEY don’t have a clue about what to do. Those people… are Your potential students.

Earn Extra Income Teaching FAFAA

A secondary benefit a level two FAFAA trainer receives is the opportunity to generate extra income as a FAFAA instructor

A Few Things You Get to Learn…
⦁ -Learn the crucial steps to take in order to assist an asthmatic and potentially save a life during an attack.
⦁ -Learn how to recognize the different stages of an asthma attack– mild, moderate, or severe.
⦁ -Learn important holistic asthma management steps to manage asthma, and curtail the frequency and severity of attacks.
⦁ -Learn the important role that food plays in improving health
⦁ -Learn self-empowerment life-saving skills and information to earn an extra income

or share with family, friends, clients and associates.

Expand Your Career or Start a New One

The Creator of First Aid for Asthma Attacks– FAFAA