FAFAA Training Video Reviews

FAFAA Training Video Reviews

What an amazing training! Professionally presented, easily assimilated to both laypersons & professionals. And the food was a pleasant surprise!

D. Skai Stroud

The First Aid For Asthma Attacks or (FAFAA as it is commonly known) is a course which is the first of its kind. It is the only comprehensive course on the planet that breaks down the specifics of what to do when someone catches an asthma attack, what one can do to de-escalate an attack once it occurs and specific health measures one can take to prevent an asthma attack from occurring in the future.

It not only takes a realistic/pragmatic approach but a wholistic one as well detailing in depth on a deeper level how to manage asthma. With nearly 40 years of experience in the health field Yocheved Bat-Imedt uses her knowledge, wisdom, wit and humor to discuss the very serious issue of what to do in the midst of an asthma attack and how to prevent one as well.

This is a course I would recommend to anybody because we all know someone who is asthmatic. I would especially recommend the course to anyone in the healthcare/medical field, and anyone in education or who deals with children specifically.

Ki Major

Regarding the FAFAA training  I took on June 26, I found it very interesting and informative. I feel it has prepared me to be better able to intervene during an asthma attack and take appropriates steps to help the individual. There was also preventive information that as someone who has bronchial asthma I find to be quite useful.

Yours truly,

Rebecca A. Lee, MD

I think the FAFAA training was exceptional. I was surprised to see that there were so many different treatments for an illness that effects so many people. I would recommend this training to everyone because it can save lives and the knowledge you gain from it is invaluable.

Jah Turner

The class was awesome,  I learned a lot.  Thank you for the experience!

Pamela Charles


I enjoyed the class from beginning to end. It was a welcoming and calm environment. The materials were very specific, clear and understandable to go over on my own as well as during the workshop. Ms. Yocheved was very precise with how she introduced and taught the info. Her examples helped out a lot too. It was an overall great experience. I am glad to have been invited and had the opportunity to attend this workshop. I’ll be ready to go into action if need be now that I’m FAFAA Certified.

Marisha L. Horn

The FAFAA class taught by Yocheved Bat-Imedt was very refreshing, and informative. Yocheved has created an alternative to the traditional Asthma treatment. She has integrated the wisdom of … a Holistic approach to today’s expanding respiratory problems. Yocheved approaches the body as a whole system… I look forward to embracing the knowledge, and wisdom that this gifted teacher has to share with the world in her next class.

Wadyah Hassan


Yocheved…. Your masterful program of Asthma protocols for prevention and treatment is a game-changer in the assessment and treatment for this too common respiratory malady.

The training you provided me was a most definitive set of procedures to follow for any asthma attack, and resonated the impact of your more than thirty years of practice and technique that you have shown is essential in winning the battle against Asthma. At the session I found your seminal explanations concise
yet bolstered with very meaningful examples and scenarios for each type of case or Keith Gonzale\episode.

Yocheved, this information is priceless! You’ve hit this one out of the park!

Keith Gonzalez

Yocheved, Sunday was an awesome experience I loved how it was evidence based and I learnt a lot. Would love to explore the whole holistic and reflexology scope of nursing.

Vernise Griffith


Yocheved, Sunday was an awesome experience I loved how it was evidence based and I learnt a lot. Would love to explore the whole holistic and reflexology scope of nursing.

Vernise Griffith


Yocheved, Sunday was an awesome experience I loved how it was evidence based and I learnt a lot. Would love to explore the whole holistic and reflexology scope of nursing.

Vernise Griffith


I learned so many things when I went to the FAFAA class with my grandmother. I learned there are three different types of Asthma, mild, moderate, and severe. I learned that water, and diet can help control the symptoms. It was interesting when the teacher Mrs Yocheved taught us about points on the bottom of my feet that can help me with Asthma. I can now help and teach my brother.

Daijah Alyah Hassan—Age 10

“This training was simply awesome! Yocheved is a fantastic educator and communicator. She presented the information at an excellent pace; in a way that all participants could gained a better understanding of FAFAA and its importance in the world we live in today. FAFAA is a valuable holistic tool that can truly change and save lives. I came with very little knowledge and left enthusiastic to use the information I learned to support my family, community and current work in herbalism. I definitely recommend this training.”

Arlene Bailey

I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from participating in the FAAFA training on Sunday. The time moved quickly because the information was engrossing and presented engagingly. The workshop packet is fabulous and very generous and the complimentary lunch was just too much! You are a class act! I’m proud to know a person so dedicated to service and proud to know that I can help someone in crisis.

Much appreciation,

Maitefa Angaza

It was very educational and interesting.

Chinyere Brown-McVite—Age 14

I found the training very informative and practical.

Roderick Giles

I loved it. Thanks smile so much it was actually a great time spent w/highly useful info. You are a great Teacher!

Lee Olive Tucker

The lecture was really good. It was very informative to learn how to help someone who is in difficulties with asthma save a life. The treatment is very easy to follow…I await the next workshop. A life can be saved through FAFAA.

Jacinta Brown

Ms. Bat-Imedt’s course in how to help someone having an asthma attack is thoughtful, incisive and above all, life saving. It gives one a methodical, tested approach to help both adults and children in distress, even if they don’t have an inhaler. Bravo Ms. Bat-Imedt!

Dennis Hamilton

I found the FAFFA training invaluable. Now I have the knowledge of how to assess, help, and get the proper treatment for someone experiencing an asthma attack. Yocheved warmly relays this information and shares her expertise on asthma in this thoughtful, clear presentation of the protocol. On top of the information from the  presentation I also left with a huge folder full of materials, books, diagrams, and other writings on asthma. As someone who knew little about asthma I certainly got my money’s worth and it’s definately a winning program.

David Holland

Thanks for including me in your FAFAA class. I really enjoyed the life saving technics used to save someone that may be in distress of having an asthma attack. Very informative materials were handed out that I’m sure would be very useful in the future. Yocheved Bat-Imedt did a great job instructing this class in a kind, professional manner…I really appreciated being included in this awesome learning experience … I would advise anyone interested to take this class because you never know when you are put in a situation that it could help save someones life.

Rena Pennix-Alexander