Reflexology is a modality used in the healing arts to promote health and prevent illness. All parts of the body have their corresponding reflexology sites somewhere on the feet. Asthma Reflexology treats the respiratory sites on the soles of the feet. During an asthma attack, when pressure is applied to respiratory sites with the tip of thumb or fingers, those sites initially feel very painful.

Apply pressure continuously to the respiratory sites on each foot, Hold each site 10-15 seconds. Maintain pressure just past the point of discomfort. Continue to apply pressure at that level.

The discomfort will generally begin to lessen after 5 or 10 minutes. This translates as– the asthmatic is improving. When a person is not in respiratory distress, these sites should not be painful.

When Reflexology is administered and the sites are not painful or uncomfortable it generally indicates that the person’s respiratory status is fine.

Asthmatics who routinely self-administer Asthma Reflexology treatments are taking advantage of an available tool that they can use to gauge their respiratory status. Uncomfortable or painful sites may be a sign of an impending asthma attack or some other respiratory problem i.e. a cold. In any case, this alerts the asthmatic to have extra water and medication readily available.

Applying pressure to the sites until they are no longer uncomfortable or painful can possibly avert an asthma attack. Asthma Reflexology is a great self-administer tool.

First Aid for Asthma Attacks (FAFAA) Chart with an Asthma Reflexology map for Respiratory sites is available separately for purchase as an online download and is included as a bonus with the FAFAA training.


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